Wednesday, December 21, 2016

9th grade science lectere

So class, today we will be learning about what happens when you recharge a battery. This will be fun  so lets get started. when you put the battery in the charger you are recharging the battery .And when you recharge a battery electrical energy from the battery charger gets put into the battery and then it becomes stored chemical energy . So when you hook up a light bulb with alligator connectors and wires, then the stored chemical energy from the battery will turn in to wires and into the light bulb making the light turn on. And that is the end of the lecture for today.  


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

bottle flipping

We 1 fill the 355 ml bottle with 125 ml of water
2 flipper (Shawna) decides flipping techinque
3 she flips the bottle 10 times
4 we find percentage of how many times the bottle lands
5repeat step 1-4with 467 ml bottle
6 repeat steps 1-4 with 500 ml bottle
7 repeat steps 1-4 with 946 ml bottle
8 repeat steps 1-4 with 1000 ml bottle
My claim is that it is best  to flip with the 474 bottle.      
My evidence is that we landed the 474 botle 50% of the time, the 355ml bottle landed 10% of the time, 500 m bottlel landed 40% of the time, the 946ml bottle landed 20% of the time and the 1000ml bottle landed 40% of the time  we fliped the bottles   
I think this happened because that is what the data tells us the 474 bottle was the easiest to flip and make land.  
My evidence supports my claim because when we flipped the 474 size of the it laned 50% of the times we fliped it  

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