Friday, March 24, 2017

garbage patch _week 5 blogger challange


      There are three garbage patches located in the water near California one near Kuroshio and the largest is near the north pacific. Animals eat the garbage because they think it is food and most end up dying. some animals get stuck in fishing nets, plastic soda rings etc.


     Ways to help stop this is to buy the biodegradable fishing nets so if you lose it you don't contribute to the garbage patch and the animal killing. Did you know every year 28-billion pounds of plastic ends up in our ocean? Fish, seals, and dolphins every year dying to try to eat or get out of the plastic and fishing nets that have been dumped in the ocean every year 1 ton of plastic goes into the ocean and every year 3 tons of fish die.

                                        Help stop this
      Good news there are people working together to stop the garbage patch from growing anymore than it already has. They are also trying to get the garbage patches smaller and they are saving lots of animals from dying in the oceans. But that's not all you can help too by cutting the plastic soda ring so they don’t get stuck around animals. That is only one way to help but there is more that you can do you can recycle your plastic bottles and you could start a compost pile. Here are some things that can be put in compost piles - banana and orange peels, egg shells.

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This is SO cute right?  NOT!!!!!!!
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Thursday, March 9, 2017

week 1 student blogging intro


1 I have two dogs one is named summer and the other is named bailey
2 my brother is nine years old
3 in the summer i go crabbing
4 i am in girl scouts
5 i help out with the boy scout troop
6 in science i am studding about water pollution and the garbage patch
7 i love to write story's and essays

random things about me

 I play softball my nick name was mouse  and my # was 19   I also played volleyball and my # was also 19  I like photography   I am sti...